Textile Products

Ferguson Facilities Supply offers the most complete line of linens, terry goods, uniforms, and microfiber items you demand for your facility.

Protect Your Investment

Textile purchases are often a huge investment. Along with high-performance products that provide durability, launderability, and world-class performance, we offer complete on-premise textile solutions, ensuring long life and economy.

Microfiber Technology

Technology continues to drive new and innovative fabrics. We have developed entire textile systems utilizing the latest in microfiber fabrics. Microfiber is more durable, breathable, and comfortable than cotton alternatives and requires less chemistry to clean. Also, because of their unique blend of fibers, microfiber requires significantly less energy to dry, dramatically improving the bottom line. It’s the perfect combination of performance, comfort, and economy you’ve been looking for.

Healthcare & Hospitality

Our goal is to improve your profitability, while providing superior service and comfort to your guests, residents or patients. Appearance is paramount—in select markets, our team of dedicated experts will assist with the selection of products, chemistry, and dispensing systems to provide consistently exceptional results. Ancillary items, such as cubicle curtains, décor, and apparel are also available and may be custom-tailored to your facility.


We can design a custom uniform program that accommodates your needs for identification, security, and branding, without sacrificing comfort and durability. Whether you require industrial, casual, or upscale uniforms, our consultants can help create the professional image you want to project to your clients. We also provide garments for correctional facilities that adhere to specific security protocols.

On-Premise Textile Solutions

With over 30 years of experience in all areas of textile, laundry and dietary management, Ferguson Facilities Supply understands your business and what is important to you. Whether you have a single set of machines, multiple units, or high-volume demand/replenishment cycles, your clients demand complete satisfaction and consistent service.

We can help create a customized, cost-effective solution to prolong the life of your laundry and textile investments. Contact your local sales representative or call 800-382-5326 to learn more about the services available in your area.