Packaging Products

Ferguson Facilities Supply is a full-line distributor of products that are designed to protect shipments, enhance product image, and offer security for shipments to customers. Our Packaging Specialists tackle your toughest issues of the day, and provide profit-enhancing solutions. Our business is your business—we can help you lower unit package costs with custom-designed containment, streamline procedures, lower or eliminate damage, and produce lighter and smaller shipping units.

Packaging Equipment & Automation

We can facilitate the automation of your packaging operation. In select markets, our Service Department will install, repair, and provide Preventive Maintenance programs for all types of packaging equipment to ensure the highest levels of productivity available.

We provide logistics support and insight into complex automation. Anytime you need assistance, we have a team of Certified Packaging Specialists and Equipment Engineers ready to help. Our specialists will lay out a system that offers high-volume automation or short-run efficiencies depending on the industry served.

Efficient Design & Packaging

Floor space is generally at a premium in manufacturing facilities, and we can design a system that simplifies the process to get products to the consumer. Quality and consistency of the process is critical for your business to maintain conformance to customer demands, and we will provide perspectives and ideas to streamline your operation.

Our business philosophy is to not merely deliver products, but to offer customers customized solutions to meet specific needs. Anytime you need assistance, we have a team of Certified Packaging Specialists and Equipment Engineers ready to help. Our Specialists are adept at identifying the most efficient packaging to get your products to the consumer with no damage in a timely manner.

Areas of Expertise

Packaging areas of expertise

Packaging Equipment and Supplies – Whether you require packaging machinery, protective packaging or another packaging solution, our team will get inside your business and analyze how you work, then deliver exactly what you need, right when you need it. And in the unlikely event there’s something we don’t offer, we’ll get it for you.

Food Packaging – We’ll analyze your food packaging operation and offer the ideas and innovations that help eliminate downtime. And our full-service sanitizing program with more than 200 FDA approved chemicals and water management solutions will help improve your plant, your processes and your business.

Solutions & Services

Equipment Service and Repair – Our factory-trained, certified technicians can handle all aspects of installation, training, warranty issues and repairs of packaging equipment and marking and coding systems.

We understand how downtime can hurt your bottom line; that’s why we also offer a comprehensive preventative maintenance program. We can test, diagnose and fix any of the machines and systems we offer and many of the ones we don’t. Contact your local sales representative or call 800-382-5326 to learn more about the services available in your area.

Packaging Solutions and Services

Systems Integration – Takes your equipment to the next level by enabling your systems to talk with another – to integrate seamlessly. That not only ensures greater performance, but it boosts efficiencies throughout your operation, maximizing your return-on-investment.

Vendor Managed Inventory – Allows us to smoothly and accurately control the availability and flow of our products to you. Under Ship-Pac’s system, our team of experts handles all inventory planning for your company.

Needs Assessments – Evaluates all facets of your operation, including your processes and training programs. We’ll identify your challenges and what you want to accomplish. Then we’ll come back with specific product and equipment recommendations that are tailored to your objectives.

Additional Value Added Services

  • 24-hour Service Capability
  • Complimentary Inspection of Roll Stock Machines
  • Customized Protective Packaging
  • Industrial Engineering/Time Study
  • Just In Time Delivery
  • Mechanical Installation
  • Operator Training
  • PLC programming
  • Process Improvement
  • Project Management
  • Stocking Programs
  • Sourcing
  • Sustainable Solutions

There are suppliers who pledge to deliver great products and equipment, and there are those who offer broad-brush solutions for lowering costs. We will deliver the innovative ideas that fit your business and exceed expectations.

Rely on us to get inside your operation – to become the trusted, long-term partner that always analyzes, anticipates… and gets it right.