General Manufacturing

Scalable Cleaning Programs

Manufacturing facilities must maintain a high level of quality control to operate efficiently. Any loss in product quality can result in a loss of customer confidence. Maintaining clean and safe industrial and manufacturing environments means better quality and fewer defects. The end result: higher levels of customer satisfaction!

Ferguson Facilities Supply has 60-years of cleaning solutions experience in heavy and light manufacturing, pharmaceutical, distribution, food processing/manufacturing, general MRO and OEM applications. We create scalable cleaning programs that help us respond appropriately as the needs of your business changes and grows. Our unparalleled experience across the spectrum of manufacturing and industrial businesses makes us your preferred logistics supplier for all your cleaning needs. Whether you need a partner to help manage on-site inventory or to coordinate delivery distribution across multiple locations, Ferguson Facilities Supply is the right choice.

Ferguson Facilities Supply offers a complete bundle of products and services. We can offer expertise in your packaging requirements, safety supplies and equipment, and help you maximize energy efficiencies by reducing electricity demand while increasing available lumens for your workspace.