Lighting Products

HP Products lamping division begins with equal or better illumination through energy reduction and budget saving programs. Our facility audit will identify the best solution—from a complete facility re-lamp, to retrofit kits and lamps that modify outdated fixtures, converting them into the current T8/T5 industry standard, or to the newest LED innovations, you can make a significant impact on your bottom line.

Energy Efficiency

In January 2011, we completed a full-scale retrofit of all lighting fixtures at our Indianapolis Corporate Headquarters facilities. Our building has sections that date back to 1979, with additions in 1988 and 2002. Upon conducting an energy audit, we discovered that, by converting to more energy efficient lamping, we could reduce our total lighting expenditure by at least 50%. While the savings was significant, we also were able to increase the amount of lumens of light available, increasing productivity, safety, and the value of the property. As with most audits of this type, our payback analysis indicated recapture of the investment in less than a year, so the decision was an easy one to make.

The HP Advantage

At HP, it’s not just about the products. Not only are we a full-line Philips lamp and ballast distributor, we are also very proactive in Energy Audits and retrofit opportunities for our customers. We work with several energy and retrofit/installation companies, and can coordinate a turn-key approach for you to significantly reduce an everyday cost.

Energy efficiency makes good business sense. We can help your organization positively impact the environment through reduced energy consumption. Our team is ready to serve your lamping needs, from compact fluorescent lamps to recycling programs that keep our environment clean.