Laundry & Dietary

Laundry and Dietary Products

Ferguson Facilities Supply understands that the appearance of your dish wares and textiles are an important part of the overall profitability of your business. We will help you design a program specific to your needs that will provide you complete client satisfaction and prolong the useful service life of your investment.

Laundry Capabilities

Energy consumption is the largest “hidden” expense in all facilities today, and the cost is escalating. We have several new and exciting systems that can dramatically lower energy costs to your facility and immediately improve operating profits.

Our chemistry programs utilize cool water for wash cycles with improved results, and can demonstrably reduce drying times with our improved fabric technologies that require less heat and provide quicker turnover in your operation.

Every facility has specific demands and environmental conditions. We deliver the chemistry and dispensing systems needed to remove soil loads effectively without compromising appearance, comfort, or product performance – all of which are paramount to the end-user’s satisfaction. We design the proper chemistry system and procedures that reduce waste and control your textile assets. We also provide state-of-the-art equipment and service to keep your facility at peak performance at all times, as well as a safe working environment for your employees.

Service & On-Premise Solutions

The cost of your chemicals is just a small part of the cost of your laundry and dietary needs. We offer all the preventive maintenance and training required to maintain a low cost, plus give your customers clean products.

Our service technicians and managers program all machines to talk to the dispensing equipment, making sure the correct amount of chemicals is being added. We coordinate the installation, provide equipment maintenance, and troubleshoot problems in select areas. Contact your Ferguson Facilities Supply sales representative or call 800-382-5326 to check if this service is offered in your area.

We pride ourselves on producing easy-to-use programs and expert local support. We offer value to our customers by putting your interests first – this effort guarantees that when you have a sanitation requirement, you will receive the proper assistance to analyze the situation and a cost-effective solution that best meets your needs.

Performance Programs

Ferguson Facilities Supply will work with you to determine your specific training requirements and provide you with performance programs. We oversee all sanitation training, develop and provide training materials, and generate new training aids as required. Procedural Wall Charts are also available, showing the correct procedures and products to use.

We consistently measure our performance against your total operational costs to ensure that we provide you with the best overall value. We supply detailed reports that track current operational performance and costs, and recommend actions that will enhance future improvement. We also interface with the health inspectors and independent auditors to make sure you are meeting the regulatory requirements of your locations.

Employee safety is important to you as well, and we prepare closed-loop systems that will insure your employees are protected when handling products.

Our 50 years of experience in all types of laundry equipment placements allows us the insight to provide superior results while lowering overall costs. We deliver solutions for you that are technically advanced and cost-effective, as well as the expertise to provide you with the proper textiles, appearance, safety and consistent results that you demand. Your customers will appreciate it!

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