Acute-Care Hospitals

Hospital Infection Control

Hospital health care is serious business, and so is the job of disinfecting, sterilizing and decontaminating hospital surfaces. Every surface can pose a potential risk to staff, employees, patients and visitors. The special demands of controlling infection in high-risk areas such as surgery rooms and isolation wards are particularly critical. Cleanliness of patient rooms and overall hand hygiene are also vitally important, both for your employees and your patients.

Ferguson Facilities Supply understands the difficulty in controlling hospital acquired infections and maintaining a healthy environment. That’s why we are committed to working with you to fight against infection or contamination in all areas of your facility. Our catalog of items includes products that address the specific needs of patient rooms, high-risk areas and hand hygiene/infection control. We can also supply your facility with products and services for your reception areas, washrooms, kitchen, and laundry facilities.

Employee productivity is also critical to today’s acute care facilities. Reducing the labor component of your programs may involve utilizing more effective floor-care chemical programs and the use of cleaning equipment in today’s larger buildings. More efficient towel/tissue programs can dramatically reduce the refill cycle, and improve customer satisfaction with the products used. Current generation disinfectants have a broader spectrum of efficacy than ever before, require less dwell time, and are less harsh to use and gentler on the surfaces being cleaned.

Support & Solutions

In select markets, Ferguson Facilities Supply is a certified member of the Healthy Measures program that utilizes a comprehensive approach to cleaning and measuring the effectiveness of the procedures and the cleaners used. This program has been implemented in many healthcare facilities across the nation, with excellent results in dramatically reducing hospital acquired infections.

Last, but not least, we are well aware of the difficulties that hospitals face in controlling costs. As your cleaning and hygiene partner, we pledge to do our part by controlling your health care supply costs and keeping you apprised of innovations in cleaning equipment and supplies used or in hospitals and health care facilities. Our distribution network allows you to utilize just-in-time ordering to reduce inventory on hand and storage considerations.