Hospitality & Lodging

Hospitality and Lodging

They say that you only get one chance to make a good first impression, and that is never truer than in hospitality and lodging. Whether it’s for business travel or vacation, people find clean, inviting rooms with fresh linens very comforting, and remember the smallest detail when it is not right. And whenever a meal is accompanied by glass or tableware that’s anything less than gleaming, it’s noticed.

Laundry, Dietary & Textiles

Ferguson Facilities Supply has been a recognized leader in laundry/dietary systems for hospitality and lodging for over 60 years, and can help you control costs while perfecting that first impression. Cleaning technologies have come a long way, and we can help you identify the proper ways to take care of your assets so they deliver the quality statements about your business and provide you with a long service life.

Clean, impressive linens with a soft, comfortable feel are now possible through technological advancements in microfiber fabrics. Our exclusive microfiber sheets provide a luxurious, soft feel while lasting up to 50% longer. What’s more, these fabrics require less chemistry to clean and substantially less energy to dry, providing improved bottom-line results for your facility. Microfiber linens are the perfect combination of performance, luxury, and in-use economy that you have been looking for.

Rooms and banquet facilities must be clean and project a welcoming feel to your guests that invite them to enjoy the meals and refreshments you serve. Having spotless drink and dinnerware is paramount to everyone remembering a special occasion, convention, or just an overnight stay. Our specialists understand dietary systems, and can tailor any installation to accommodate water conditions and soil loads regardless of the variations in menus. We can also keep your ancillary items spotless—tablecloths, napkins, and uniforms all play a significant role in pleasing the customer and reinforcing their decision to utilize your facilities.


At the end of the day, a weary traveler wants a room that is comfortable, sanitary, smells fresh, and is properly equipped with the amenities they need. Cleaning and disinfecting is important to everyone, and nowhere is it more scrutinized than in lodging facilities. You have the best manufacturers available through Ferguson Facilities Supply to provide you with the chemistry needed to clean quickly and efficiently. We also offer luxurious paper goods and amenities that show you care about the customer.

We can also show you how to maintain the overall appearance of your facility through the use of state-of-the-art floorcare and carpet programs, and help you lower your overall maintenance budget with the proper cleaning equipment. Every facility is just a bit different, but we have the solutions at your fingertips. Contact your local sales representative or call 800-382-5326 to learn more about the services available in your area.