Government Agencies (Local & State)

Government Green Cleaning and Recycling Programs

More and more local and state governmental agencies are taking to heart the public’s demand for environmentally friendly facilities. These agencies are implementing sustainable cleaning programs using environmentally preferred products and services. Ferguson Facilities Supply helps state and local agencies make good on their commitment to the environment by providing you with the most appropriate, certified sustainable janitorial products and equipment for achieving the highest level of cleanliness.

We offer customizable Sustainable Cleaning programs addressing the full range of indoor environmental issues and concerns, including guidelines on training your cleaning professionals to clean sustainably.

Government agencies also need to reflect the stewardship of our natural resources. That’s why we offer recycling programs for containers and paper products that won’t end up in our congested landfills, and recycling containers for lamps and batteries that comply with disposal regulations. We also offer products that provide your buildings with energy savings, helping you mitigate the skyrocketing cost of energy.

In select markets, Ferguson Facilities Supply can help you identify targeted areas for improved efficiencies in high-capacity towel/tissue systems, plastic can liner utilization, health and safety issues, and overall cleanliness of the building. We can also help with indoor air quality issues, ensuring safe and attractive hard floor care, and provide customized programs to lower overall costs through the use of cleaning equipment.

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