Building Service Contractors

Building Service Contractor Cleaning

Ferguson Facilities Supply partners with our Building Service Contractor (BSC) customers to maintain safety standards, ensure the success of OSHA-mandated programs and to guarantee the appropriate use of our cleaning products and equipment. We maintain high levels of critical start-up inventory to supply that location that comes on-line with little notification. As your logistics partner, we can have inventory to your new location in a matter of days.

Poor cleaning practices often result in the loss of business at a location, or the building moves to another service contractor. With Ferguson Facilities Supply as your partner, your firm will impress tenants and education customers with superior cleaning quality that not only keeps them satisfied, but expands your market opportunities within the buildings that you service. Our sales associates have the expertise to show you how to bundle other areas of profitability that improve tenant satisfaction, and add to your bottom line. These areas include carpet cleaning/restoration, concrete/stone care, lamp and ballast maintenance, drain maintenance, window cleaning, and many others.

Team Cleaning

We work closely with our BSC customers to implement a Team Cleaning program that delivers on the promise of dramatically improved quality and productivity, while at the same time reducing staff turnover and minimizing risks. There are substantial energy-saving opportunities to offer your clientele by the use of day cleaning schedules; and our Team Cleaning program will help you plan and implement these tasks correctly. While training your dedicated site supervisors, we will also help you to differentiate your firm from the competition. Once your staff and supervisors complete the program, your employees will produce higher levels of cleanliness and healthier buildings. Contact your local sales representative or call 800-382-5326 to learn more about the services available in your area.

Support & Solutions

Ferguson Facilities Supply partners with our manufacturers to provide the most efficient methods of chemical dispensing, providing superior results at lower costs. We can also show you how to conduct building audits to maximize the use of higher-capacity towel/tissue systems, can liner use, and to ensure that less paper and plastic waste is added to the waste stream—an important selling advantage for you in today’s environmental programs. We have certified CIMS - I.C.E. experts that can help you to attain LEED credits for your clientele, again a distinct advantage for your company.

Preventive Maintenance Program

Cleaning equipment repair and preventive maintenance is also a critical aspect of your business—our service department stocks a wide array of parts and accessories to maximize the use of your cleaning tools, and we offer both in-house and on-site repair of all makes and models of equipment in select markets. We also offer Preventive Maintenance Programs to ensure that your equipment is operating at maximum efficiency at all times, significantly reducing downtime and added labor costs.