Schools & Universities

Clean Educational Facilities

When it comes to cleanliness and safety, educational facilities should never have to compromise. With Ferguson Facilities Supply you will never have to. K-12 schools, colleges, and universities utilize our extensive range of products and services to maximize the efficiency of their staff.

Our strength in the education market is our insight into the special cleaning needs that educational institutions face: disinfecting, sanitizing and cleaning floors, classrooms, supply rooms, restrooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums and locker rooms. We can help you attain your sustainability goals and LEED certification/credits.

Floor Care

Floor care is something educational facilities take very seriously, and so do we. Our floor care products enhance the appearance of your facility and prevent accidental slips and falls. Mechanization is an important tool in floor care today, and we can show you how to multiply the productivity of your staff with a rapid financial payback.

Hand Hygiene

Another critical concern for educational facilities is hand hygiene. At Ferguson Facilities Supply we know good student hand hygiene is the most effective way to stop the spread of illness-causing germs, and increase the number of students in the classrooms. That’s why we offer hand hygiene products in many forms – each with their own benefits: ease of use, convenience, portability and refill options.

Support & Solutions

Employee training is critical to preventing cross-contamination in school environments. That’s why we and our manufacturers offer comprehensive cleaning and maintenance training programs year-round. These programs do more than just inform your employees about safety and cleaning procedures—our instructors guide your employees at your direction to improve programs that meet the specific demands of your facilities.

Ferguson Facilities Supply can also help with your logistical demands, and many schools and universities utilize our vast warehousing and distribution network to eliminate their “stores” operations. With online ordering, each facility on campus can create orders, with supervisory oversight, that can be delivered to individual buildings and streamline your operations with summary billing. We can provide reporting of products used by item and location to identify pilferage and waste, and to maintain budgetary demands.