Cricket™ AutoMop Scrubber Basic Unit

Product Details

Windsor Cricket™ AutoMop Scrubber Basic Unit

Item Number: 184180 
  • Base unit only (requires the purchase of one of the build-your-own kits )
  • Five times the productivity of a mop in open spaces; greater productivity than a 20" pad assist autoscrubber
  • Simple operation means less training involved
  • Maintenance-free: no batteries, no cords, always available
  • Footprint similar to a mop and bucket, but more ergonomic for users than a mop
  • Safely drys floors to reduce slip and falls
  • Quiet with less than 52 dBA
  • Can be used for daily hard floor cleaning or as an interim process between autoscrubbing and deep cleaning
  • Ideal for areas where hygiene is of utmost importance - Dirty water is kept separate from the clean water
  • Cleaning Rate: 15,840 ft2/hr
Product Details
The Cricket™ AutoMop fills the gap between a mop and bucket and an autoscrubber. This machine is ideally suited for daily and interim hard floor care. Get the productivity and hygiene of a small autoscrubber without the cost, maintenance, and training. The Cricket takes the low maintenance and ease-of-use from a mop and puts them in a more productive, safe and hygienic package. The Cricket Automop actually recovers the solution it uses leaving the floor dry, greatly reducing the potential for slip-and-fall accidents. The Cricket is also more ergonomic for the users: simply push to clean, no slinging a mop back and forth. Dirty water is never used to clean the floor with this hygienic system.