6100413 Maxx Phazer Durable Floor Finish Kit

Product Details

Ecolab 6100413 Maxx Phazer Durable Floor Finish Kit

Item Number: 159106 
  • Innovative two-part urethane hybrid floor finish with alcohol and quaternary resistance
  • Excellent alcohol and quaternary resistance
  • Increased durability over conventional finishes
  • Easily repairable by scrubbing and recoating if scratched or damaged
  • Responds well to burnishing
  • Low odor profile: ideal for locations where odors cause disruption
  • Recommended in areas where hand sanitizers and other alcohol based products are frequently used – the alcohol resistance reduces white spots appearance on floors
  • 2-1 gallon kit
  • White, 7 to 8.5 pH
Product Details
Applied like a traditional floor finish. Responds well to burnishing. Easily repairable. For use on VCT, vinyl and terrazzo floors. Applied through the Phazer Mobil Floor Care System.

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